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          Welcome to plantsbrook学校

          'Be The BeST That You Can Be'


          免费校餐: 这里

          Reading liST for Year 7-10: 这里

          West Midlands Police Press Release Regarding George Floyd and ProteSTs: 这里

          授予学生成绩: 视频

          Free School Meal Entitlement Acknowledgement | & 形成

          Department for Education update: 这里 | Calculating Grades this Summer 阅读更多

          Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020 阅读更多

          有用的文档: 家庭教育 | 资源包

          Parents/carers school and education information for COVID-19 阅读更多 

          Due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation t这里 will be no lettings on our site.  The situation will be reviewed late autumn on whether we can STart to hire out our facilities from 1ST 2021年1月


          The HPV Immunisations planned in School will not be taking place until the next Academic Year. We will let you know of the date as

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          Covid-19 Resilience Funding

          A reminder that £1m of funding has been made available to directly support individual families through the Covid-19 emergency period and longer-term impact.  Resilience funding

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          As you are aware all overseas trips have been cancelled by the travel companies as per the Government Travel Advice up until 31ST May 2020. Please be

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          澳门赌场平台网站 is a uniformed school for students in Years 7-13. Therefore, t这里 is a clear expectation that STudents attending plantsbrook学校 will wear the full uniform every day. To view our uniform policy click 这里

          For more information about plantsbrook学校’s uniform expectations click 这里.


          To find out more about our 丰富基金, please click the button below.


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          • 0121 362 7310
          • enquiry@plantsbrookschool.co.uk

          We are living in unprecedented times due to the uncertainties that we all face one way or another. We hear regularly in the news that people are finding the current situation difficult and this is understandable. None of us have ever lived this like this before and hopefully, will never again. As a school we are both concerned and intereSTed in finding out about the well-being of your child.

          With that in mind we would like to ask parents and carers to take the time to complete the online Well-being survey. This will help the Welfare and Safeguarding team, to give support to those children who may require it, over the next half term and the coming months. In a recent survey, some of you may have answered a question on mental health but we want the moST up to date information.

          链接 //forms.gle/oQrJwfdsnphhgWEi6

          Could you please submit your response by Monday 1ST June

          Thank you for your time and we hope you STay safe and well.

          I would like to thank Bishop Walsh for the original survey.



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