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          School Uniform - From September 2018

          Letter to Parents re Uniform

          School Uniform Policy

          Uniform Support

          PowerPoint Version

          Assembly on Uniform

          Assembly on Uniform Part 2 (Answering FAQ)

          Boys’ PE Kit:

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          • Black shorts with red/white embroidered detail (compulsory)
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          • Black embroidered hooded sweatshirt (optional)
          • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
          • Black Quarter zip training top (optional)
          • Football/rugby socks – black & red (compulsory)
          • Trainers (compulsory – must have non-marking sole)
          • Football boots and shin pads (compulsory)
          • Gum shield (optional)

          Girls’ PE Kit:

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        • Black embroidered hooded sweatshirt (compulsory)
        • Black/red T-Shirt (optional)
        • Black/red stripe sports leggings (optional)
        • Black tracksuit bottoms (optional)
        • Black quarter zip training top (optional)
        • Black sports socks (compulsory)
        • Football/rugby socks – black & red (compulsory)
        • Trainers (compulsory – must have non-marking sole)
        • Football boots (compulsory)
        • Shin guards (compulsory)
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          Please ensure all uniform is named.
          The only jewellery we allow is one pair of small stud earrings.

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          Plantsbrook Badge

          Student Welfare Office

          Mrs Bolton



          Head of Sixth Form:

          Ms L Proctor



          Internal Application

          External Application


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